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A warm welcome to Marina's Bach Flower Therapy!

My name is Marina, and I'm a former corporate expatriate, repatriate who never came home: I repatriated to Sweden, my husband's home country. Despite my fast moving career before I stepped on the expat journey (I worked at Tetra Pak and left it to establish and lead a Swedish welfare foundation in Russia, Susanne Westerbergs Minnesfonden). In my 24 I helped with welfare projects to the Swedish Queen Silvia. I worked under the direct leadership of Charlotte Bonnier and taken care of private donations of Peder Wallenberg. Yet when moving to Sweden from Pakistan I faced all possible and impossible challenges of integration.
I struggled to find a qualified job despite a recognised Master degree and corporate experience. I was told I am overqualified for many administrative jobs I applied for, and to handle it all, I studied stress management and opened up a small yet meaningful business in 2012 that led me to create my signature intercultural stress management work.

Copenhagen Business School: fresh business competence

Taking my career on a new level at CBS and studying startup strategies for innovation, I know I have done so well with my business startup, and I took it where my heart was calling: to help other expat spouses to avoid all that I went through and make it better, quicker with less stress and broken expectations. I worked with many individual expat spouses, and now I am ready to test my solution on a multinational company that understands the importance of expatriate support. For that purpose I am studying corporate social responsibility, diversity, multinational people management, expatriate mobility and human rights to achieve my vision of lean and innovative expatriate support I provide that creates win-win results for both company and expatriate families.

As a Sustainable Stress Management Coach, working with stress prevention and rehabilitation in Sweden since 2011, I was continuously looking for a natural way to balance stress, help depressions, free children from fears and studied and practised many methods. Yet I wasn't satisfied. Finally, I have found, use it myself with my extended family and have thirty-five successful cases, since I started my journey with Bach Flower Essences less an a year ago, working at IKEA Malmo store.

All of my clients came back for a new session or ordered a new bottle of individually selected Bach Flower Essences, some invested in entire kit and are on my waiting list for the training in self-stress management I will hold in 2019.

As a quality expert, I choose the best methods for my clients, and now I have that missing bit of a puzzle for people who are looking for the holistic and sustainable treatment that lasts without being dependent on endless sessions to feel good.

I live in Southern Sweden and work locally and internationally, online in English, Russian and Swedish.
In 2019 I'm starting workshops in a beautiful Alnarp garden, Hälsans Hus in the central Lund and an online self-help stress management training in English is in the pipeline.

Intercultural stress management sustainable way

I have first-hand experience and understanding of intercultural challenges, that is very specific and not clear for those who never lived outside of monoculture. I provide expatriate stress management to expat spouses and their families, cooperating with global relocation, corporate HR mobility and NGO's and provide on-demand career orientation for expat spouses.

I ground my work is in Bach Flower Therapy that is the most effective way to gain lost emotional balance and restore energy that most of the people on the move miss. I find Bach Flower system as a missing puzzle of holistic, universal stress management, easy to manage for a client, safe and effective for children, animals and even plants.

When appropriate I use mindfulness, classical stress management, cognitive and crisis sessions and "Juggling for Life" methodology, I studied from Deborah Mattsson Clarke. In my practice, I also use bright light therapy, guided meditations with brain waves, classical Hatha Yoga and The Twelve Chakra Yoga as energy management.

Who are my clients

I work with people of all walks of life, including children and babies. As a repatriate who lived in five countries and a former corporate expat spouse, I have a passion for supporting people in the global transition, an emotionally challenging journey that remains misunderstood by the world that rapidly goes global.

All the methods I use in my work I have been practised for many years myself, and it helps me to suggest the most effective tools for my clients' specific needs. Among my clients are business owners, corporate executives, students, housewives, pensioners and teenagers and many women, who sacrificed their own careers to the favour of the corporate world and rediscovering themselves, starting over new life and career in the midlife without support in different corners of the world. If you are interested in personal recommendations, please contact me via the contact form, and I will provide contact with my current or former clients.

Through my work, I'm supporting others who need help with emotional balance, stress management and career restart. Corporate expatriates, repatriates and internationals are the majority of my clients.
Nature has holistic resources for all of us, and we can only be successful when we are in balance and have peace within our hearts.

With Love, Gratitude and Healing Vibes,

Bach Flower Therapy Practitioner,
certified Stress Management Coach,
M.Sc. in Trade Management & Food Quality Control
CBS Master elective courses student


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