Corporate Mobility

Corporate Mobility

My local expat spouse support started in Lund in 2016 quickly has grown into international support for spouses in other countries. I have worked with the major relocation companies in Sweden (DSP), became registered at SIRVA global relocation in the USA and my first assignment was to provide support for Apple. 

I have worked with the expats and spouses from IKEA, Tetra Pak, built relations with a few corporate companies who recognise a need to support spouses but are not quite ready to extend the support to people they put off a career to advance own business. 

My current dream is to do a project for one multinational company, offering support to the entire organisation, in the most remote geographical locations, to help expats going through the challenging times and to measure results of my unique solution.

I found a need to deepen my theoretical knowledge to meet all requirements and even unseen needs of the corporate mobility. I have chosen CBS (Copenhagen Business School), where I am currently studying four elective courses on a Master level that form a unique competence  for my dream company to do a pilot project for all market companies expatriate support in one organisation to measure results:

1. Managing People in Multinational Corporations

2. Diversity and Corporate Social Responsibility Beyond Borders

3. Business Responsibilities for Human Rights

4. Go to Market Strategies for startups and innovative products and services

Please contact me if your company has expatriates and internationally rotated employees and I will be happy to meet you, listen to your needs and tell you more about my solution that is highly appreciated by my individual clients.

The easiest way to get in touch with me is my mail via the contact form below.
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